The Display

Gone: the lilac dive,
the glitter of pollen.  Gone 
too are the cosmos.

Bestowed on a tack,
below the thorax, the name
Papilio hovers.

The grave enclosure
frames the line-up: they’re tagged now,
stiff in their lockup.

Mounted, splayed like cards,
the Pieridae are flightless,
like scissored play-hearts. 

Moths, their negatives,
seem over-exposed, their scales
like gauze in bulbed light.

The voyeur eye frets
at their flourished laterals,
their backs gripped by pins.

Not stomped on, nor swept
away, these bugs, with pupil-
patterned wings, stare back.

About Sarah Giragosian

Sarah Giragosian earned an MFA in poetry from Boston University. She has interned as an assistant editor at Boston Review and recently had the opportunity to assist Professor Robert Shaw with editing parts of his text, Blank Verse: A Guide to its History and Use, published through Ohio University Press. Her work has appeared in The New York Times. She is a PhD candidate at SUNY Albany.