1. A Lookout’s Letter
    by Cornel Adam Lengyel
  2. Messenger
    by Jerry H. Jenkins
  3. Metaphysics
    by Leo Yankevich
  4. The Wolves Passed Here
    by John Beaton
  5. Yesterday, or Long Ago
    by Wiley Clements
  6. Love is the martyrs’beautiful hallucination.
    by David Castleman
  7. Alternating Currents
    by Edward L. Wier
  8. Visitation
    by Neill Megaw
  9. Scorpion Tails
    by Gail White
  10. Sitting in History
    by Richard Moore
  11. American Poetry
    by George Held
  12. Dead Reckoning
    by Moore Moran
  13. A Beautiful Lie
    by Tom Riley
  14. The Shape Inside: 12 Sonnets
    by Peter Norman
  15. “You Who Live and Hear”
    by Leo Yankevich
  16. Reading the Tarot: Nine Villanelles
    by Jared Carter
  17. Conversations in the Dark at the Winter Solstice
    by T.S. Kerrigan
  18. In Your Face Poems
    by Joseph S. Salemi
  19. Measured by Song
    by Sally Cook
  20. Essential Tremors
    by Margaret Menamin
  21. Visits and Vistas
    by Alfred Dorn
  22. Selected Poems
    by Henry George Fischer
  23. In The News
    by Arthur Mortensen
  24. Memorial Day—The 30th of May and Other Poems
    by William F. Carlson
  25. Time Capsule
    by Jared Carter
  26. Identities
    by David Landrum
  27. Selected Translations
    from Charles Baudelaire’s
    Les Fleurs du Mal

    by Helen Palma
  28. A Walk in the Dark
    by C.B. Anderson

Classic Reprints

  1. The Children of the Night
    by Edwin Arlington Robinson
  2. Selected Poems and Prose
    by Ernest Dowson

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